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Cow Pregnancy Test Card

【product information】
The goal of dairy cattle breeders is to improve milk production and shorten non-production periods. Breeder Hope Hope there is a simple method, and MicroTUS researchers have developed a A simple, convenient, and cost-effective method for quickly diagnosing a cow’s pregnancy, and The product can be used to detect cow pregnancy. This method can shorten the cycle, you can Help breeders increase the breeding rate, improve economic efficiency, and manage the entire breeding cost.

Product principle

It is based on changes in progesterone concentration during the estrous cycle of the cow, and the progesterone concentration is used to determine whether the cow is pregnant.


Normal temperature (2-30℃). Shelf life is 24 months
1.20 test cards
2.20 straws
3.1 copy of instruction

【flow chart】

1. Take full-fat fresh milk for testing to obtain reliable results. Do not milk the first three milkings. Collect about 5-10ml of sample milk from the fourth time.
2. Remove the test card and milk dropper from the aluminum foil bag
3. Remove the milk sample from the sample cup, and then use the milk dropper to dispense 3-4 drops into the round sample hole of the test card
4. Read the result after 5 minutes, and check the data of the reference table according to the result.

【Reading result】
1. Positive: In the observation hole, a red line appears in the testline area (T) and the control line area (C) at the same time, indicating that the cow is pregnant.
2. Negative: In the observation hole, only a red line appears in the control line area (C), indicating that the cow is not pregnant.
3. Invalid: In the observation hole, no red line appears in the control line area (C).