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Flufenicol Quick Test Strip

[Product introduction]

This product is suitable for the qualitative detection of flufenicol in milk (including pure milk and raw milk) and goat milk. The whole detection process takes only 9 minutes, the operation is simple, and the sensitivity is high.

[Detection principle]

Flufenicol rapid detection test strip applies the principle of competitive inhibition immunochromatography. During the flow of the sample, florfenicol is combined with colloidal gold-labeled specific florfenicol monoclonal antibody, which inhibits the antibody. The combination with the florfenicol-BSA conjugate on the detection line of the NC membrane leads to a change in the color of the detection line. When the sample does not contain florfenicol or the concentration is lower than the detection limit, the T line develops stronger color than the C line. When the concentration of florfenicol in the sample is equal to or higher than the detection limit, the T-line color development is significantly weaker than the C-line color development or the T-line color is not developed or there is no significant difference between the T-line and C-line colors. Regardless of whether or not the sample contains flufenicol quality control line C line will show color to show that the test is effective.

【product composition】

1. Test strip 8 strips / tube

2.Red dry powder micropore 8 holes / tube

3. Desiccant 2 pcs / cylinder

4.Instruction manual

[Test steps]

1. Please read the instructions carefully before use. Before use, return the test strip and sample to room temperature.

2. Remove the reagent cartridge, open the required number of microwells and test strips, and mark them. Please use it as soon as possible within 1h. Immediately after the detection reagent is removed, cover the reagent cartridge to prevent it from getting wet.

3. Using a micropipette, pipette 200 μl of the sample to be tested into the microwell, and slowly suck 5 times until the mixture is uniform, and observe no solids with the naked eye (this step is very important).

4. After incubating at 40 ± 2 for 3 minutes, insert the marked test strip into the microwell (the end of the MAX line printed down, so that it is fully immersed in the solution).

5. Immerse the test strip in the microwell for 6 minutes to interpret the results according to the schematic diagram. The interpretation at other times is invalid.

[Result Judgment]

T-line and C-line color contrast

1.T line> C line, negative, flufenicol in the sample is lower than the detection limit

2. T line = C line, weak positive, flufenicol in the sample is equal to the detection limit

3. T line <C line or T line does not show color, positive, flufenicol in the sample is higher than the detection limit

4. C line is not color, invalid, test strip is invalid, retest

[Result determination diagram]

Flufenicol Quick Test Strip