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Sulfonamide (SulQ) Rapid Test Kit

Intended Application

The test strip is used for detecting Sulfonamide family in raw commingled cow milk above or below tolerance and/or safe levels.


The kit is a competitive colloidal gold immunoassay method. Sample is added to sample hole, if there is Sulfonamide (SulQ) in samples, it will combine with marked antibodies, preventing the marked antibodies from combining the Sulfonamide (SulQ) antigens of NC nitrocellulose membrane.

Technique Data

 Kit sensitivity: 5/100 ppb (ng/ml) (Final detection limit)

Kit Contents】

Test strip ………………………… 12*8T/kit

96 well tray and sample well with reagent.

Instruction …………………………..1

Test Procedure

1. Read the manual instruction before testing. Be sure the raw commingled milk and test kit is at room temperature.

2. Take one Tube from the box, open tube and take out decided number of test to be perform, Use the test kit within an hour beyond time may cause failure of the test. The unused test strip must be sealed and keep out from sunlight and prevent moisture.

3. Take the milk sample, drop 200ul (about 4-5drops) into the sample-well, and thoroughly dissolve the milk with reagents for 5 minutes till the milk presents pink color.

4. Insert the test strip into the sample-well, read the results after 5 minutes.

Results Judgment

Sulfonamide (SulQ) Rapid Test Kit