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Dog, cat early pregnancy test card


A test card that facilitates the user's initial screening and detects whether the dog or cat has successfully conceived.

main component

Sealed (with a test card, disposable dropper, desiccant).

Ziplock bag (with a blood collection needle, a blood collection tube, disposable dropper)

Storage conditions and expiration date

The original packaging is stored dry at room temperature 2-30 ° C, valid for 18 months, and can not be stored frozen. Open the secret before use

Seal the foil bag and use it within 1 hour after opening the original package.

sample requirements

Collect fresh whole blood or serum.

product manual

Dogs and cats will secrete certain conception factors after the egg and sperm are normally combined with the bed. After reaching a certain level, they will be

detected. In more than 1,000 clinical trials, the earliest detected time was after the breeding was completed 19

Days, 20 days, but such cases are relatively rare; most dogs will only be detected around the 22nd, 24th, and 26th days;

Due to the influence of the number of individuals and pregnancy, if there is only one or two, it is very likely that there will be 30 days later.

Obvious judgment.

Instructions for use

The first method (full blood test):

First, extract 1-2ml of venous blood from dogs and cats.

2. Drip 3 drops of whole blood with a dropper (add 3 drops according to the video we provided), and add to the test card.

At the sample hole.

Third, use a dropper to draw a drop of diluted droplets to the well.

4. Wait 15 minutes and interpret the results.

Remarks: All the supplies are provided in each test card. Please shake the blood vessels slightly after blood test to avoid blood.


The second method (serum testing):

First, extract 1-2ml of venous blood from dogs and cats.

2. Centrifuge for 4000 minutes for 15 minutes to extract serum.

3. Pipette 2 drops of serum (add 2 drops according to the video we provided) and add to the test card.


4. Wait 15 minutes and interpret the results.

[Results interpretation]

Due to the differences between the individual dams, the interpretation results are as follows:

1. It is recommended that the first test time be 20 days after breeding, ie 25 ± 2 days.

If two lines appear in the detection area, that is, the C/T line shows a red line, and it is judged to be pregnant.

2. If the first detection time is within 25±2 days, a line appears in the detection area, that is, only the C line is displayed, that is, it is not complete.

If it is judged to be unpregnant, a second test is required after 30 days after the interval. If one still shows one

Line, that is, not pregnant. If two lines are displayed, it is pregnant. (It is worth emphasizing here: because of the individual between the dams

The difference in the initial release of the uterus after conception is slightly different, so some dogs are released later.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether it is actually pregnant by the second test.

The color intensity of the test line at different stages of pregnancy changes with the concentration of the progesterone.