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Canine distemper antigen rapid detection card


Canine distemper is often prevalent in a variety of carnivores, especially in dogs that are more susceptible to infection through the respiratory system. Because the disease is difficult to cure, the mortality rate is high. The dog can detect the virus in the blood after infection with canine distemper virus (CDV) for about 1 week. After about 2 weeks of infection, fever, dry cough, conjunctivitis, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms appear. The canine distemper antigen rapid detection card uses a rapid immunochromatographic detection technique for detecting canine distemper virus antigens. After the sample is added to the well, it is moved along the chromatographic membrane along with the colloidal gold-labeled anti-CDV monoclonal antibody. If a CDV antigen is present in the sample, it binds to the antibody on the test line to display wine red. If the CDV antigen is not present in the sample, no color reaction occurs.


1 quick test card 20 sets

2 sterile cotton swabs 20

3 dropper 20

4 sample buffer 20 bottles

5 disposable sanitary gloves 1 pack

6 instructions 1 copy

Method of operation

1.l Soak the cotton swab with saline solution, collect the sample from the conjunctiva or freshly discharged urine, immediately insert the cotton swab into the test tube containing the sample buffer, rotate the cotton swab repeatedly on the test tube wall at least 10 times, and mix. Solution to dissolve the specimen as much as possible in the solution. Squeeze the cotton swab on the wall of the test tube above the liquid level to allow the liquid to be squeezed out as much as possible and discard the cotton swab.

l Or collect serum or plasma, use the supplied dropper to drop two drops of sample serum and plasma into the sample buffer and mix well.

2. Remove the test card from the sealed bag. Place the test card on a flat surface, pipette the liquid from the test tube, and slowly and droply drop 5 drops into the well with the "S" mark.

3. Leave at room temperature for 10-15 minutes to judge the result. The result of more than 15 minutes is invalid.

Result determination

1. Positive: In the observation hole, the detection line area (T) and the control line area (C) simultaneously have a purple-red line (Fig. 1).

2. Negative: In the observation hole, only a purple-red line appears in the control line area (C) (Fig. 2).

3. Failure: In the observation hole, no color line appears in the control line area (C) and the detection line area (T); or only the detection line area (T) appears color line (Fig. 3, 4).





Validity period

Storage method : Store at 2 - 30 o C.



24 months.



1. Products damaged in aluminum foil bags cannot be used. The test card must be used within 1 hour after removal.


2. Samples should be tested immediately to avoid long-term storage.


3. The collection of samples directly affects the accuracy of the test, so ensure that the sample is collected correctly and adequately.


4. Foam should be avoided when adding samples to the test card well.


5. Products that have expired cannot be used.


6. The used test cards and samples must be disposed of as pollutants according to relevant local regulations.