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Furazolidone metabolite colloidal gold method rapid detection kit

This product is used to quickly detect furazolidone metabolites (AOZ) residues in the muscle tissue of livestock, poultry and aquatic products. The whole testing process is about 60 minutes, which is suitable for all kinds of enterprises and testing institutions. The AOZ detection limit of this product is 0.5ppb (ug/kg).

product composition

Specifications: 10 times / box;

Kit composition:

Extractant 1 1 bottle Derivatization reagent 1 bottle

Extractant 2 1 bottle Extractant 3 1 bottle

Purifier 1 bottle of furan metabolite complex solution 1 bottle

Furazolidone rapid detection card 10 pieces (including micropores)

[Improved but required equipment]

Homogenizer, balance, centrifuge, nitrogen (air) gas blow dryer, vortex mixer, pipette, water bath.

Sample processing

Muscle tissue samples (shrimp should be cleaned after removing the head and shell, and the fish should be washed after removing the scales). If it is not detected in time, it should be stored in the dark (within 24 hours).

1. Take a certain amount of de-fat muscle tissue sample and mash it with a homogenizer;

2. Weigh 3g of homogenized sample in a 20ml centrifuge tube, add 200uL of derivatization reagent, then add 4ml of extractant 1 and shake for 2 minutes;

Incubate for 30 min at 3.75 °C water bath;

4. After taking out, accurately add 1 ml of extractant 2, then add 5 ml of extractant 3, shake and mix for 3 min, 4000 rpm, and centrifuge for 5 min;

5. Pipette 3 ml of the supernatant into a 5 ml centrifuge tube, and dry at 75 ° C with a nitrogen (air) air blow dryer.

6. Add 1 ml of scavenger to the blown centrifuge tube, oscillate for 30 s, then add 500 uL of nitrofuran metabolite-specific complex solution, mix well for 30 s, 4000 rpm, centrifuge for 5 min (or let stand to Obviously layered);

7. The lower layer solution is the sample liquid to be tested;

Detection steps

Before testing, restore the test card and the test solution to room temperature (20 ° C ~ 30 ° C). Remove the test card from the original bag and place it horizontally on the front of the observer, as shown below;

Pipette the test solution 100uL into the gold standard micropore, gently blow for 30s, dissolve the red substance in the hole, and wait for the reaction for 5 minutes;

All the solution in the suction hole is added to the sample hole, and the time starts after the sample is applied; the result should be read in 6~10 minutes, and the other time is invalid.

Note: The pretreatment of the four samples of furan is completely uniform, and one sample can simultaneously detect four drug residues. The sample to be tested can also be used for chloramphenicol residue detection.


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